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Design Centre provides services designed to improve the productivity of your organization. We have extensive experience implementing all your coding, deblistering and paper folding solutions.

We have deployed solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small business and non-profits to multinational corporations and government agencies.


Design Centre offers a stress free integration of the all our machines within your organizations. We work with your various departments to design a solution that works with your existing infrastructure and policies. Our team provides the necessary support that best suits the needs of your workforce. Our experienced engineers install and train your workforce to implement a smooth transition to your needs.

  • Customized solutions
  • Machine installation
  • User Training
  • 3rd Party partner installation and training

Managed Services

Design Centre manages the deployment and ongoing maintenance of all our machines bought by your organization. We also provides onsite support and regular maintenace of our machines. Our team works closely with the engineers and other department personnel to provide an overall extremely satisfied customer service.

  • On site support
  • Maintenance
  • Machine upgrades and customization
  • Machine gaurantees and warranties

Professional Services

Design Centre helps your company design and develop the perfect application that adds the most value to your work force. Our team has the experience to analyze your user requirements and design a custom application that improves productivity and delivers a positive Return On Investment (ROI). We can also recommend and deploy solutions developed by our partners that meet your needs.

  • Analysis and requirements gathering
  • Develop complete solutions specific to your organization
  • Pilot and Deployment of custom solution
  • Deploy partner applications
  • Customized Training
  • On-going maintenance